Pruitt On TX Water Fight: "We're Done."

Pruitt On TX Water Fight:

"A major victory."

That's how State Attorney General Scott Pruitt described the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in favor of Oklahoma in a drawn-out water fight with Texas.

"It affirmed Oklahoma's sovereignty over our water. That's important," Pruitt told reporters.

Attorneys for Texas argued the Tarrant Regional Water District had the authority to take water, under the 30-year-old Red River Compact. They said the water is sorely needed for the six million residents of north Texas.

But the high court ruled Oklahoma's laws, meant to prevent Texas from taking the water, are valid.

For state Senator Jerry Ellis of Valliant, who was among those leading the charge to prevent Texas from taking Oklahoma's water, the high court ruling means fewer Texans visiting his office at the Capitol.

"They spent hundreds of thousand of dollars in four sessions on ten lobbyists to run around and chase me around the Capitol building. And, they spent millions on lawyers. They need to take all that money and spend it on desalinization plants," Ellis told KTOK.

"Legally and judicially, we're done," Pruitt said.

(Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt.)

(Senator Jerry Ellis, (D) - Valliant.)


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