Food Stamp Fraud Bill Clears House

Food Stamp Fraud Bill Clears House

A state Senate bill to crack down on food stamp fraud is approved in the House.

It would deal with unauthorized sharing of food stamps, and would make food stamp fraud less than $500 a misdemeanor, and greater than $500 dollars a felony. 

 Representative Randy Grau of Edmond's running it in the House.

"We just want to protect the process. We just want to protect the system. And make sure we can trust the result. We want children to be fed," Grau said.

Some Democrats, like Representative Jeannie McDaniel of Tulsa, argue it makes the process more difficult for those who really need food stamps.

"Poor people have been a popular topic to beat on, out here. We're giving them marriage counseling, we're drug testing them. And now we're challenging them when they try to use food stamps," McDaniel said.

Those accused of fraud could remove themselves from the food stamp program, voluntarily.

The bill passed the House with amendments, so it returns to the Senate.

(Rep. Randy Grau, (R) - Edmond.)

(Rep. Jeannie McDaniel, (D) - Tulsa.)


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